synthetic vs natural skincare:

synthetic vs natural skincare:


The synthetic vs natural debate in recent times has polarised the beauty industry as some claim exclusively natural products are not effective and others claiming that products with synthetic inclusions can be harmful. 

The truth of the matter lies somewhere in between, allow us explain…

Purely natural as well as purely synthetic does not necessarily mean better or worse, some natural ingredients are considered allergenic such as the commonly used lavender essential oil, for example, and in organic brands, the main preservatives used can be irritating to some people.

Synthetic ingredients are not inherently dangerous because they are created in a laboratory, and many are actually bioavailable for skin delivery such as the commonly used yet highly effective hyaluronic acid, vitamin c and retinol.

Synthetic ingredients are actually based on natural compounds, but by synthesising them in a lab they can sometimes be made more effective, as well as having a consistent composition in that they are exactly the same, every time.

Therefore for skincare to be stable and effective, natural ingredients need friends. Those friends are synthetic ingredients that are bioavailable and more reliable than their natural counterparts.

We hope we've sufficiently explained that synthetic ingredients aren’t the "toxic" ingredients that they are falsely marketed as; in fact, the majority of synthetic ingredients used along with natural ingredients are not only very safe and "clean", but are also the ideal way to take care of your skin.

What makes an ingredient synthetic?

Generally an ingredient is considered a synthetic when it is synthetically derived, not found in nature and created in a laboratory entirely. However, it can also mean it was harvested from nature then processed in a lab to create a refined version of the raw material and this process varies depending on the compound being made.

Synthetic skincare incorporate laboratory and scientifically derived ingredients, such as synthetic hyaluronic acid which is found in our chill! formula:grass and bang gang! formula:aphrodisia serum which also features synthetic vitamin c.

What makes Synth Labs Intl. products unique?

We are committed to using effective, active natural and synthetic ingredients that have strong, scientific track-records that show that they are not only gentle but also positively affect the health of your skin.

We strongly believe in progress and using only natural products is backwards and boring, we use only the best ingredients from nature and science that are proven to be safe and effective for skin.

Synthetic AND natural skincare is the future.