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cerebral. subversive. sustainable.

expertly developed skincare with biotech actives, exclusively lab-engineered synthetic molecules & extracts isolated from sustainably cultivated biomass

sophisticated treatments:

an experimental synthesis of synthetic & natural elements clinically proven to restore your damaged skin barrier & deliver tangible results.

synth labs intl. is a manifestation of the natural, the synthetic & biotechnology, reinventing skincare with clinically effective hybrid formulas.

with this strong belief in progress, we deliver cutting-edge vegan products that are focused on dermal health, perfected without sensitisers, without cruelty & fear-mongering.

future focused:

synth labs intl. is vegan & cruelty-free with a commitment to conscious production processes, sourcing of high-quality lab-engineered ingredients, sustainably cultivated naturals & a recycling program to help create a cleaner future.