chill! formula:grass
chill! formula:grass
chill! formula:grass

chill! formula:grass

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neo-cryo jelly serum/mask treatment

skin orientations: normal, sensitive & dehydrated 


chill! formula:grass features a multi-dimensional system powered by algae, aloe vera juice & hyaluronic acid that form a 2nd skin suspension of frozen water-bound technology that melts to supremely hydrate the skins surface.
supercharged with vitamin c rich kakadu plum & adaptogenic phyto-extractions such as cica grass, chaga & snow mushroom, the formula works to relieve solar exposed skin, activating a calming state of equilibrium while the chill! effect leaves your complexion to appear sculpted, refined & fresh.


  • hydrated, translucent skin that radiates health.
  • the chill! effect visibly refines, calms acne breakouts, reduces redness, targets inflammation & signs of fatigue.
  • excess fluid is dispersed & circulation is aroused.
  • visible optimisation of skin transparency & tone for face, neck & neckline.

chill! kit includes:

1x silicone vessel.
1x formula:grass jelly 100mls.
1x formula:grass powder 1.5g.
1x probe.
chill! directions:
pour in the silicone vessel 1st the jelly & powder 2nd.
mix well with the probe until absorbed.
shake vessel with lid held securely if needed.
place in your freezer for 4 hrs till frozen.

mask directions:

start at the decolletage by lovingly massage in upward/outward motions
moving up to the facial & eye area, circle up to 3 minutes until a thick 2nd skin forms, leave mask
on for 20 minutes then gently pat to absorb any remaining jelly & follow with moisturiser, or alternatively remove mask & follow with the rest of your routine.
30 applications as a mask - best used day or night.

serum directions:

apply in light upward/outward & circular motions
delicately push jelly into skin until absorbed then follow with moisturiser.
60 applications as a serum - best for daily use.
1: cruelty free. 
2: fragrance free. 
3: vegan.
4: micro-batch. 
5: made in australia. 

*please be aware that ingredient lists may change or vary from time to time. refer to the ingredient list in the product package you receive for the most up to date list of ingredients.
**topical application only, use only as directed on unbroken skin,
should irritation occur, please cease use & consult a physician.

    formula:grass powder ingredients: allantoin, xylitol, tremella fuciformis, terminalia ferdinandiana fruit, ascophyllum nodosum, fucus vesiculosus, spirulina platensis, fuscoporia obliqua sclerotium, camellia sinensis leaf.

    formula:grass jelly ingredients: aloe barbadensis leaf juice, carbomer, tetrasodium edta, sodium hyaluronate, centella asiatica, ethylhexylglycol, phenoxyethanolol, 24k gold.

    *please refer to your package for the most up to date ingredients list.

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    Courtney H.
    Australia Australia
    Bit of a shock at first

    I thought I would probably use the mask once or twice and forget about it, I just really wanted to try it but I’m actually having my mind blown at how effective it is, my face just looks better after using it, no lie. The coldness was a shock at first but now I look forward to the experience every time I use it, my skin is definitely more plump and calmed. It has my stamp of approval

    Australia Australia
    Exceptional on irritations and blemishes

    So I woke up with a swollen mountain on my nose this morning, painful to touch and angrily red hot, I put the mask on, left it on for 15 mins then rinsed off to see the result... went down dramatically. Redness completely gone and it’s healing quite nicely! Yay for the chill mask!

    Sara J.
    Australia Australia
    After sun mask - really helps.

    So soothing as a after sun mask, it helps take the heat out and feel comfortable again and my skin didn’t peel. I also found it helps with my migraines and eye tension, so that’s a plus.

    Australia Australia
    Loving it

    This is a mask you have to get, it’s genius. I use it like a moisturiser, I put it on in the morning, my face is immediately less puffy, my eyes are awake, my skin is glowing. Great product!

    Nikki M.
    Australia Australia

    Nice relaxing mask to calm the nerves but what makes it magic is the immediate depuffing and my redness is gone as if by magic. It’s a must have for looking fresh before big events.

    Australia Australia
    In lovvveee

    When you can’t stop using a product, you know it’s doing something right. Chill was a recommendation from a friend who uses it religiously, guess what? Now I’m the one recommending it. My sensitive skin laps it up, it’s a really caring product and really gets the job done in that it moisturises, defines my facial features and shrinks my craterous pores.

    Australia Australia

    Perfect little facial for when you don’t want to schlep it on over to the beauty salon. I pop this on, watch some Netflix then tissue off the excess after half an hour (I put a lot on)’s so intense I don’t use anything after.

    Australia Australia
    nice sleeping mask

    I use this as a sleeping mask. very nice. no complaints. wake up with soft skin. 10/10

    olivia w.
    Australia Australia
    used it for the first time today

    all I can say is that im suffering through the worst... the. worst. sunburn of my life, I jumped on to say that this is the only thing that has helped me since yesterday. my sister brought it over, i put it on, immediate relief, so cold, so good. thank you god for this. I just placed an order for 2.

    sylvie w.
    Australia Australia
    sylvie reviews

    who ever tries this mask always raves on about it, i am of no exception, its really good for helping calm down acne and helps heal the spots. I took off one star because I really hate mixing the powder in with the magic wand stick thing.

    winnie l.
    Australia Australia
    great for hot days

    i think about this face mask all day if im having a bad day at work, once im home, i put it on and it just makes me feel great again. my skin is loving me for buying this, I buy two at a time.

    Australia Australia
    Cool mask

    Guys, this is tops as an after sun mask, great as a mask before a night out as it just wakes your skin up and makes everything snatched and glowy.

    Australia Australia
    Helps with rosacea

    This is a really unique product, it helps with rosacea flare ups, it’s calming, takes the heat out of my cheeks and I can’t live without it. I use it daily.

    Australia Australia
    obsessed with this!

    It was a bit to get used to at the beginning, I felt like I was experiencing a product I didn't know how to use properly but after some trial and error I figured that a thick application after a few minutes of massaging onto my face works best. This way i just rinse the mask off, continue applying my serums and potions and lotions.... i have really noticed how my skin reacts to this mask - it helps with microcirculation, I look like Ive stepped out of a spa... I truly believe in the healing powers of an Ice facial and this has it all.

    Faisal F.
    Australia Australia
    Cryo @ home

    This mask was recommended in a fb chat room, miracle mask they said! Well, after using this bad boy for a month straight almost daily I can say I am convinced it is a master healer & I’m ready to be a life long user. What I’ve experienced is it is immediately calming, depuffing (perfect for the morning) and it is very, very hydrating. It is the perfect cryo at home experience, there is nothing else like it on the market!

    Australia Australia
    Great mask - love it

    I’m sure it’s a good thing, but this is one of the few masks that both me and my teenage daughter love. She got me onto it! In the morning, after using, our skin felt incredibly soft. It’s great at providing extra hydration without clogging pores. Something that's important to both of us. I’ve got to deal with hormonal acne and she has the odd teenage breakout. I have oily skin which gets easily dehydrated; her skin is normal but has some dry, flaky areas. Highly recommended!