frozen beauty products:

frozen beauty products:


Ice therapy or facial cryotherapy has long been used by top facialists as part of skin treatments but did you know that it is a year-round skincare superhero?

As the latest skincare trend taking over TikTok, the proof is with the hashtags #FrozenSkincare #Cryotherapy and #TikTokandChill blowing up on the social media app which has millions of users tagging their ice facial videos, there is a captivating effect of watching celebrities and TikTok fans alike massaging frozen skincare onto their faces, and the immediate gratification of tightened, sculpted and plump skin imparted with a translucent glow that has skincare aficionados’ curiosities piqued.

The immediate results are why we created chill! formula:grass, the science behind it is to bring down your skin temperature causing capillaries to restrict, creating a vacuum effect for potent ingredients to penetrate deeper. The cool effect helps with concerns like inflammation, enlarged pores and puffiness, helping tighten blood vessels, calming angry breakouts and boosting microcirculation - a multi-tasking anti-oxidant spiked powerhouse indeed!

It is now easier than ever to give yourself an at-home skin cryo facial with chill!, without the annoying drawback of melting ice cubes dripping down your neck. Whether you want to de-puff or just kickstart blood circulation for that post-walk-in-the-snow radiance, chill! is your ticket to see results. Throw in the immediate lifting effect, the added benefit of lymphatic drainage and it becomes an even more exciting prospect. 

A Synth Labs Intl. beauty hack we love is to use chill! to help contour your face when swiped upwards with outward-facing strokes from the centre of your chin to end of your jaw and the centre of your cheeks to the end of the cheekbones for a truly sculpted visage. The firming, lifting results are seriously addictive!

An unintended yet positive result of using chill! is the indirect stimulation of the vagus nerve that runs from the brain, through the face and thorax to the abdomen. It is the longest cranial nerve that controls a vast range of crucial sensorial functions but it also prevents inflammation and initiates deep relaxation.

Adherents to the Wim Hof Method stimulate the vagus nerve by exposing themselves to the cold, while your body adjusts to the temperature drop, sympathetic activity declines while parasympathetic activity increases. meaning that having an ice-cold chill! facial will help you lower your stress levels whilst giving your face a healthy glow!

Healthier skin, glowing with radiance and looking snatched while de-stressing is a win-win in our books!