dry vs dehydrated skin:

dry vs dehydrated skin:

dry skin vs dehydrated skin: two skin issues that pop up a lot…

here we explain the difference between dry and dehydrated skin which are two very different types of skin conditions. But since they're both used interchangeably in conversation, we wanted to clear things up! 

here's what you need to know about both and how to treat each.

dry skin:

common signs of dry skin include tightness, flaking and increased itchiness.

dry skin is a skin type, not condition, where the skin has a reduced ability to retain water and lacks oil because it produces less sebum than normal skin. It tends to feel rough, itchy and looks scaly. in simple terms, dry skin is when our outer layer (stratum corneum) has lost its natural moisture balance and it’s ability to hold onto water, resulting in flaking and scaling due to the lack of moisture.

dehydrated skin:

common signs of dehydrated skin include inflammation, congestion and redness.

dehydrated skin is a skin condition that is not the same as dry skin, though most people mistake them for one and the same as they have similar characteristics because they can even appear together. Dehydrated skin is due to the skin not having enough water which is caused by many factors such as weather, diet, caffeine consumption resulting in diminished water content in the skin and making it appear red, irritated, and sensitive.

treatment for dry skin:

for dry skin, there are a few ways to sooth a parched complexion, we recommended using antioxidant spiked occlusives and emollients such as shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut derived triglycerides which are non-comedogenic.

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treatment for dehydrated skin:

for dehydrated skin you can not go past hydrating humectants, a few ingredients to look out for are the famous hyaluronic acid which holds 1000x its weight in water, glycerine which is a powerful moisture magnet and algae extracts are wonderful because they create a water reservoir for your skin, holding moisture on the surface so it doesn’t evaporate.

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