why algae is a major glow-enhancing skincare ingredient:

why algae is a major glow-enhancing skincare ingredient:

what is algae?:


algae or as it’s more commonly known, seaweed, is a photosynthetic microorganism that can be found growing in water, produces about 50% of the oxygen we breathe and, in the cosmetic industry, is utilised as a powerful ingredient full of reparative vitamins and minerals like magnesium and the master healer, zinc, making it an incredible multitasking ingredient when applied topically.


how does algae benefit the skin?:


algae has a very powerful concentration of seawater with the ability to uptake minerals by absorption as it has learnt to survive in extreme oceanic environments to protect itself against uv damage and dehydration and due to these processes, algae has acquired a dense profile of vitamins, proteins, amino acids, minerals and lipids.


these micro nutrients assist in treating the skin when applied topically and as algae is a humectant it uniquely helps to transport hydration via this skins’ aquaporin water system, making algae an amazing choice for hydrating, revitalising, and plumping the skin while also regulating sebum production and cell turnover.


the glow-inducing brightening action of algae is achieved by targeting pigmentation by either affecting production of pigment or by affecting how pigment is transported in the skin, moisturising and rehydrating dry, lacklustre skin while soothing skin conditions associated with inflammation, like acne, rosacea and sensitive skin for an illuminated, perfected complexion.


is algae sustainable?:


in terms of sustainability, algae are one of the fastest growing plants that require no additional feed, water or fertiliser and there is no waste from these marine plants, making them one of the most sustainable form of agriculture on earth!


how can i experience the benefits of algae?:


although there are many various species of algae, the most beneficial ones seen in skincare are brown kelp, red seaweed, alginic acid which is a polysaccharide and bladderwrack, all formulated in our bang gang formula:aphrodisia range to assist with improving the skin's over all health, elasticity and by reducing signs of ageing by fighting against free radicals.