what is skincare cocktailing?

what is skincare cocktailing?

what is skincare cocktailing?


the art of skincare cocktailing is the process of mixing multiple products in the palm of your hand to create a bespoke blend for ease of use and for synergised, maximised results. 


it allows you to customise your routine according to your skin’s needs at that particular time with using less product than you normally would if you were to layer individually and allowing you to apply each product in one easy step.


skincare hacks are not particularly new in the beauty space but we have formulated our bang gang range to be polyamorous and be mixed and matched to yield a concoction to address specific skincare concerns without the need to purchase multiple single ingredient formulas.


as your skin doesn’t always need the same routine, listen to your skin and follow our guide below as there is a right way to incorporate skincare cocktailing - read on to discover which combo will be right for you.


the bang gang - gang bang:

serum + tech-cream + concentrate


best for: normal/dry/dehydrated skin


day/night: day or night


mixing our bang gang trio in one easy step is the best way to get all of the benefits of each formulation without the need to layer each product individually.


this is our favourite combo as it combines a humectant, an emollient and an occlusive together for perfected skin.


how to: 2 drops of serum + 2 pumps of the tech-cream + 2 drops of the concentrate

serum + tech-cream


best for: dehydrated skin


day/night: day or night


if you are finding your skincare a little too heavy over the summer months yet you still want that shot of hydration and are craving the nourishing comfort of a soothing moisturiser, this is the perfect one-and-done mix for you.


light enough for those sweltering hot days, yet not heavy so as to feel like your skin is a greasy mess.


how to: mix 2 drops of the serum + 2 pumps of the tech cream and apply over your whole face and neck.

serum + concentrate


best for: dry skin


day/night: day


we love concocting this emulsion for when our skin needs some extra tlc but don’t want to layer oil on our face first thing in the morning.


how to: mix 2 drops of the serum + 2 drops of the concentrate and apply over your whole face and neck.

tech-cream + concentrate


best for: very dry skin


day/night: night


this is our ideal night time treatment especially in the middle of winter for when our skin is feeling chapped and sore from the extreme cold.


we apply it all over our face and carefully pat it onto cracked lips and around our eyes avoiding the lash line.


how to: mix 2 pumps of the tech-cream + 4 drops of the concentrate


combinations to avoid:


as good as skincare cocktailing is, there are some ingredients we have avoided to make your skincare cocktail nonirritating.

our bang gang range is formulated without glyclolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, retinoic acid and l ascorbic acid as pairing high doses of these together can lead to an irritated, sensitised skin barrier.

you may incorporate one of these actives into your bang gang routine if you wish to layer your skincare or apply it within the mix, always do a patch test if you are incorporating new ingredients on your inner elbow crease and behind your ear to see if you experience any irritation and never apply these actives around your eyes.


so now you know how to bang your skincare together, what will your mix be?