the right way to apply skincare:

the right way to apply skincare:


Figuring out the correct order of your skincare routine is our most frequently asked question and we get it, skincare itself is massively confusing. If you look at any videos of celebrities applying skincare in their “Go to bed with me” routines on youtube you’ll soon discover many famous people, much like us, have no idea what they are doing to their faces. 

What you use and how you apply it genuinely matters, and layering them incorrectly could render the product ineffective or may irritate your face.

We would also like to point out that you do not need a seven step routine like the one we have outlined, some people prefer a minimalist approach to skincare so if you want to cut back to just cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen that is fine but still keep to the general principles as below.

This is the exact order to apply your skincare day and night:

Step 1 - Cleanser:

In the morning you can get away with a few splashes of water to rinse off your night time skincare but we always recommend using a gentle cleanser at night to wash away your daily grime, sweat, makeup and sunscreen to prep your skin for maximum absorption.

Step 2 - Essence or Toner:

Although some people skip this step because they do not understand what essences or toners are supposed to do, essences and toners address a variety of skin concerns by saturating the skin with hydrators and antioxidants and importantly add a hydrating step to allow your serums to perform at their best.

Step 3 - Serum:

Serums like our bang gang! formula:aphrodisia serum are super-concentrated, anti-oxidant dense hydrating treatments that can address a variety of skin concerns such as dehydration, hyper-pigmentation and increase cellular turnover. 

best applied to damp skin for their humectant power to work effectively.

Step 4 - Acid or Treatments:

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) such as glycolic, lactic or mandelic acids are very effective in chemically exfoliating your skin but are best applied when the skin is buffered with other products to reduce irritation.

Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) otherwise known as salicylic acid is a oil soluble acid that works to exfoliate but also dissolve clogged pores making it an ideal blemish control treatment.

Retinol comes in a variety of formulas which makes it tricky to know exactly which one is right for you or when to apply it, regardless if it is in a gel or cream consistency, retinol is best sandwiched between a serum and a moisturiser to reduce the chances of irritation.

Now we have to make a disclaimer as it is always brought up… 


Thank you, now moving on.

Step 5 - Moisturiser:

This is the one step we do not ever skip, we believe everyone needs a moisturiser even if you are prone to breakouts or have oily skin. 

Moisturiser is best applied when the skin is damp, do not wait for your serum to dry before patting in your creams to lock in essential hydration as this also helps to use less product!

Also make sure your moisturiser is formulated to be applied around the eyes, you do not need a seperate eye cream in your routine if you have a well formulated moisturiser.

Stay tuned for our moisturiser coming out shortly, it is beyond epic!

Step 6 - Concentrate or Oil:

We love a glass skin moment but this is not the only reason why we love concentrates and oils.

Aside from giving beautiful results, they are ideal for people who struggle with dry, flaky and dehydrated skin by helping to lock in hydration, boosting radiance with their anti-oxidant capabilities and leaving your skin instantaneously moisturised and soft.

Products like our bang gang! formula:aphrodisia concentrate can easily penetrate the skin as it not only has occlusive properties but also rich in emollients which are biocompatible to skin therefore we recommend applying it after your moisturiser or even mixing a few drops in to experience its benefits.

Step 7 - Sunscreen:

If you are venturing outside during the day, a chemical or physical sunscreen is a non negotiable and must be included in your minimalist routine.

It is the absolute last step in your daytime routine as sunscreen won’t penetrate your skin and will act like armour to help protect against solar damage and premature ageing.

You need a lot to completely cover your skin, so don’t skimp on sunscreen!

Thats it!

Now, please remember this is our recommended skincare guide so only follow the steps that apply to you, if you aren't using acids then skip that step, if its nighttime then you do not have to apply sunscreen.

As a rule of thumb, after cleansing, apply your products in the order of thinnest to thickest consistency as essences/toners tend to be more watery and creams/oils tend to be thicker and you’ll still be doing better than most of those clueless celebrities!