the benefits of glycerine in skincare:

the benefits of glycerine in skincare:

If there ever was a skincare ingredient that didn’t get the attention it deserves, it’s glycerine!

What is glycerine?

Glycerine is a thick, colourless and odourless liquid that can be naturally or synthetically derived.

It is a humectant, which means it can draw in atmospheric water from around us and keep that moisture in our skin.

Another humectant you may recognise is hyaluronic acid and although it functions the same way as glycerine to attract and hold water, they behave differently due to molecular size which is why we like to pair these two together in our formulations.

Research on this hydrating powerhouse has shown that it mimics the skin’s natural moisturising factors (NMF) making it an ideal ingredient for all skin types.

What are some glycerine benefits in skincare?

#1. The most important benefit in our opinion is that glycerine helps to strengthen the skin barrier.

External aggressors such as the environment and pollution can cause long term damage to the skin and aside from hydration, glycerine may help the skin’s natural lipids retain their structure for a healthy barrier, helping to shield the skin from irritation.

#2. Works synergistically with emollients and oils for dry skin relief.

Research has shown that glycerine has emollient properties which means it can significantly soften and improve eczema and the appearance of rough, dry skin.

Products formulated with glycerine can also enhance the penetration of other ingredients into the skins uppermost layers and improve the skins resiliency and youthfulness.

#3. Glycerine is a big factor in aquaporin activity.

Aquaporins are our skins water transport system that effectively deliver hydration to our skin, as skin needs water to look and feel good, the right level of hydration is important and glycerine is involved in helping hydration penetrate more effectively for increased moisturisation.

In conclusion, glycerine has been used effectively in skincare formulations since the 18th century, it is considered a great ingredient for people who suffer from a variety of skin concerns from dehydration to eczema to acne-prone skin.

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