ready to make a switch to synthetic skincare?

ready to make a switch to synthetic skincare?

while clean beauty is all about skincare products that are supposedly kinder to us, the growing sustainable beauty movement is all about products that are kinder to the earth without all the fear mongering that can come with all the “non-toxic” claims made by clean, natural or organic beauty brands. 


sustainability is trending and we will be seeing more and more brands turn to lab engineered ingredients due to their positive effect not only on your skin but also the environment as conscious consumers are demanding more from skincare companies that align with their values.


there is no doubt that when it comes to sustainability, the beauty industry has a lot of work to do but what about the ingredients skincare brands are using to formulate in their products? the sustainable movement in the beauty sphere has opened up a discussion on natural and synthetic ingredients with the chemistry community challenging the baseless claims from some natural brands. 


some of these natural slash organic slash non-toxic brands claim to be more sustainable because they exclusively formulate with ingredients that come from nature in their formulas, while in our corner, cosmetic chemists argue that some of these natural ingredients are unsustainable because they deplete resources, have to be planted, watered, farmed and then flown across the world and although we may be biased, science wins in this instance.


at synth labs intl. we try to be as transparent as possible, we champion synthetic and biotech ingredients as they are for the most part formulated in our lab in australia, significantly lowering the carbon footprint of flying ingredients across the world, but also it takes much less natural resources to produce lab engineered ingredients - some only need the smallest amount of water as opposed to watering a whole field from seed to harvest but we also formulate with synthetic and biotech ingredients because they are consistently high quality and are really beneficial for your skin!


the majority of natural ingredients we have chosen to formulate with are ecocert certified to ensure they are environmentally friendly and that the ingredient manufacturers follow socially conscious practices.


we are one of the few brands actively fighting the chemophobia triggered by the clean beauty movement that continues to scare consumers into dismissing a synthetic ingredient that may be more sustainable due to a misplaced fear of chemicals.


which is why we like to remind our customers that everything is a chemical and despite the negative connotation, the words ‘chemical’ and ‘synthetic’ shouldn’t be synonymous with harm. on the flip side, an ingredient harvested directly from nature doesn’t invariably ensure safety or mean that it’s more sustainable.


check out our ingredients page here to discover all of our synthetic, biotech and natural ingredients for a more detailed explanation.