mamamia: prescription retinoids

mamamia: prescription retinoids
mamamia retinol guide frozen skincare

"I saw a beauty blogger using this on Instagram and I instantly had to have it! When you damage your skin barrier, it feels like bad sunburn. It’s super tight, hot, feels scorched and stingy… so damn uncomfortable and while you’ll try anything to alleviate it, most things end up making it worse. 

But this… this ticked all my stupid boxes.

It’s basically an icy pole for your skin, and it comes with a pouch of jelly, a vial of powder, a silicone mould and a stirrer. You follow the instructions to mix it all up, before popping it into the freezer to set. It contains algae, aloe vera juice, hyaluronic acid, cica grass and snow mushroom, and gliding it over ouchy skin is a bloody orgasmic experience. After each use you just pop it into the freezer until the next time you get a bit heavy-handed and f**k yourself up. 


Thank you Carly Sophia for featuring chill! in your prescription retinoid guide for Mamamia!

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Words & image: Carly Sophia