broadsheet: give your face a post-orgasm glow

broadsheet: give your face a post-orgasm glow
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This Australian Skincare Brand Uses “Aphrodisiac Technology” to Give Your Face a Post-Orgasm Glow

Yes, you read that correctly – meet the local brand calling itself the antidote to the “fast” beauty industry.

Honestly, after a few years as a beauty journalist, not a whole lot surprises me anymore. In my time on the enjoyable-yet-objectively-outrageous beauty beat, I’ve seen brands spruik a veritable smorgasbord of unexpected ingredients – red wine, kimchi, even wasabi.

But despite my familiarity with left-of-centre launches, I had to do a double take when local brand Synth Labs Intl slid into my inbox with its latest launch, Bang Gang – which purports to have bottled a post-coital glow, thanks to its use of “aphrodisiac technology”. I was immediately intrigued.

Not a lot is known about Synth Labs Intl, and I get the feeling Sydney-based founders Dani and Sasha Andreev like it that way. They’ve kept their range minimal, starting with Chill – a frozen (kind of phallic-looking) face mask that glides onto your skin like an icy pole – and following it up in November with the unveiling of “polyamorous” skin kit Bang Gang.

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