bang gang - serum vs concentrate

bang gang - serum vs concentrate


If you have to choose just one, should you start with the bang gang! formula:aphrodisia serum or the concentrate or do you need both?

Read on to understand the difference between what this 2some offers and unlock what your skin truly needs for a healthy, dewy glow.

Hydration & Moisture:

Firstly, our bang gang! serum and concentrate both offer a multitude of skin benefits and are formulated to work together to deliver everything your skin needs. That means the hydration of the serum and the moisture of concentrate are unique and important steps for skin to look and feel its best. Hydrating the skin means increasing it's water content while moisturising strengthens the natural lipid barrier.

For someone looking to use just one, think about what step, hydration or moisture, you feel needs a boost in your current routine...

Dehydrated Skin?

If the skin is not properly hydrated, it often compensates by producing excess oil, leading to clogged pores and breakouts. Dehydrated skin may also appear as reactive skin or sallow, tired skin. bang gang! serum, a hybrid niacinamide & vitamin c serum with green tea isolate, algae & biofermented yeast oligopeptide, gently illuminates skin transparency, refines texture, reduces blemishes & promotes the appearance of youthful skin with a dose of hyaluronic acid & natural moisturising factors (nmf) for supreme hydration.

The result is a complexion that is quenched, balanced, plump and deeply hydrated. 

Undernourished Skin? 

Moisturising is a crucial step to safeguarding all of the skin’s natural hydration and nourishing it on a deeper level. Dry, flaky skin is in need of moisture. The bang gang! concentrate is a waterless liquid-light concentrate with blue tansy, tsubaki & starflower, attracting your skin’s molecules to aid penetration, helping skin to appear smoother, youthful & defends against trans-epidermal water loss by effortlessly locking in moisture.

50+ skin-beautifying nutrients like vitamins A, E, and K, magnesium, calcium, and all four omega fatty acids strengthen the barrier and seal in hydration for a glowing, balanced complexion.

What We Suggest:

Begin with the one that resonates most with your skincare needs whether that be hydration or moisture, knowing you will still be able to experience both. Since bang gang! serum and bang gang! concentrate are simply better together, we have included them together in the bang gang! 2some kit that works out more economically than purchasing separately.

bang gang! Directions:

Each product can be used alone as explained above but we love mixing them together as this is where they are the most potent.
As a friend with benefits, we recommend mixing 3-4 drops of our concentrate with 3-4 drops of the serum in your hand to create a supremely moisturising "love potion".
Apply in a pressing motion starting at the decolletage & working upwards to the facial area.
Apply the "love potion" after the serum, then lock in all that hydration with the concentrate.