is synth labs intl. vegan & cruelty-free? 


yes. our products are 100% vegan & cruelty free. 


we promise we never have & never will test any of our formulas on animals or include any animal derivatives & animal by-products in our formulations.


is synth labs intl. safe for all ages?


yes. we always recommend patch testing our products as a general rule & review the ingredients list carefully prior to purchase to avoid any potential allergies/sensitivities.


is synth labs intl. gender-neutral?


yes. synth labs intl. create products to be enjoyed by everyone.


is synth labs intl. pregnancy/nursing safe?

yes. safety & efficacy lead all formulation methodologies at synth labs intl.


however, as every journey is unique, always check your skincare product selections with your doctor for their expert opinion.


is synth labs intl. an exclusively natural/organic brand?


no. synth labs intl. is not & does not aspire to be exclusively natural/organic.


we create cutting-edge products with safe ingredients that deliver results & are non-irritating regardless if they are natural/organic or synthetic.


what is the shelf life of your products? 


our products are tested for stability & have a p.a.o or period-after-opening of 6 months, this is a recommended guideline to get the most out of your products as they are designed to be used at their peak efficacy.


our formula:aphrodisia concentrate is formulated with raw & cold-pressed oils so you may notice some slight separation or sediment due to standing. 


should this occur, simply shake to reintegrate. 


does synth labs intl. formulate with parabens?


we do not avoid parabens in our formulations as we do not prescribe to the unsubstantiated claims that the preservative leads to adverse health effects. 


check each product’s ingredient list if you wish to avoid this ingredient.


where are your products made?


all of our products are lovingly crafted in small batches in sydney, australia.


still have questions?


please email us at synth@synthlabsintl.com